Apartment in Metaxourgeio 

Metaxourgeio, Athens


Size/ 35 m2
Type/ Apartment renovation
Status/ Proposal
Year/ 2015


The basic desire of our clients that guided the design concept for the renovation proposal of the apartment, was to take full advantage of existing spaces by unifying the kitchen and the living room. The primal plan of the apartment was based on a stereotypical layout of multi-storey housing buildings that dominated the Athenian urban landscape in the 60’s. Specifically, the apartment was divided in small rooms that were connected with a long corridor: as a result, the kitchen was an enclosed space, covering less than 12 square meters and the living room was a narrow space with small width.

We imagined the visual and practical connection of kitchen and living room by tearing down a large portion of the intermediate wall. The border wall becomes an interactive zone that groups a kitchen bench with appliances, a library, a TV console and a bar. The wall becomes a two sided entity with volume that corresponds to the everyday needs of each space.