Apartment in Nikaia


The architectural proposal for the apartment was adapted to specific needs of a young female client who desired a minimal space with dark colors, elements of industrial design and equipped with vintage style furniture and lots of plants. The living room, kitchen and dining area form an open plan, whereas the bedroom, bathroom, WC, walk-in wardrobe and office are accessible through the corridor.

The living room is in a constant dialogue with the kitchen and the interactivity of both spaces is intensified through the intermediate kitchen island and bar. Metal constructions supporting oak shelves are used accordingly to the program of each space but both work as pots and plants stands. The background wall of the living room is covered with white bricks and contrasts the kitchen side where darker colors dominate. Oak is used in almost every piece of furniture, while plants and the petrol colored border-wall between dining area and living room-kitchen offer the space a chromatic intensity. The dining area’s ceiling is lined with wood planks and as a result a triptych of cement, bricks and wood is created. The cement stucco wall becomes a background for the dining table made out of a trunk and its assorted wooden chairs, but also for a composition of shelves and pieces of contemporary art.

The concept of interior design based on tones of grey is obviously applied in the master bathroom and WC spaces, while the master bedroom is characterized by the wallpaper of the bed wall, the distinctive leather headboard and the black colored side wall. The brick walls opposite the bed plus the furniture made of metallic beams and oak shelves, reference decorative elements found in the living room. Finally, the office-lounge room is dominated by lighter tones of green while the concept of the walk-in wardrobe is based on the combination of oak shelves and a geometric wallpaper.

DATE: 2015

STATUS: Proposal

LOCATION: Nikaia, Piraeus