Eugonia - Assisted Reproduction Unit


“Eugonia”, is one of the top clinics for vitro fertilization in Greece. It was completely renovated following ISO standards as a modern environment hosting surgery rooms, spaces for medical examinations as well as lounge areas. Two large apartments were connected to create 400 m2 space for the IVF programs, 16 employees and visitors.

By applying contemporary architectural materials and curved lines, the secretariat counter was designed as a continuous Corian surface illuminated by design lighting elements. The floors of visitor areas were covered with PVC stripes resembling wood, whereas PVC rolls were applied in the surgery rooms for medical use. The bathroom walls were conceived as cement-based stucco surfaces, while all furniture and custom wood constructions were designed with pure minimalism, as detail on every aspect of the project was very important.

Photos: Konstantinos Mitilineos

DATE: 2013

SIZE: 400 m2

STATUS: Completed

LOCATION: Hilton Area, Athens