The Nut House


The “Nut House” store is located on Dimokratias Avenue in the area of Melissia and as its name reveals, was designed to be a modern and familiar space with its wooden cases present to accommodate anything related to nuts, in any form and in various combinations. The store space is a two-storey ground floor, with its main façade entrance on Dimokratias avenue and its internal 6m height, interrupted by a garret above the back half of the shop.

The materials, colors and textures on which the design of the store’s interior and front view was based, were the black matte surfaces, the natural wood-colored details, the white marble, the black mesh and the earthy colors on the interior walls and ceilings.

The functionality of the space, the oblong rectangular shape of its floor plan, the suggestions and preferences of the owners, the limited square feet and the specific budget, defined on which we were called to design and implement our original ideas and design intentions.

On the façade of the store, the entrance is placed eccentrically in recess in order to maximize and give prominence to the two showcases of the shop, one placed in parallel with the façade and the other vertically to indicate the entrance. On the upper half of the façade, the project team has placed the label of the store, constructed by wood and black sheet metal, and the “retro” striped tent that shades the showcase and the shop entrance.

Inside, In the interior of the store, at the perimeter covering the full height of the room, wooden racks of black metallic skeleton and mesh have been fabricated. The racks, designed to maximize product space, continue all the way up to the attic space, creating a sense of visual and material continuity between the upper and the lower level of the store. In the center of the ground floor space, an island case with a glass protective sliding surface has been placed for product display and in the background the customer will find the cash register. All these specific constructions follow a design of common aesthetics and are highlighted by the light-colored marble floor and the illuminating elements that surround them discreetly.

DATE: 2016

SIZE: 40 m2

STATUS: Completed

LOCATION: Melissia, Athens