Cocoon Eatery


The cocoon can be placed wherever human activities are detected. Its identity as a light-moveable-assembled structure with the ease of transportation and placement is seamlessly connected to the universal character of food and the panhuman pleasure of tasting. The cocoon is a machine designed to produce gustatory experiences, a transportable scenery that hosts a different show with new creators, actors and original stories perpetually.

The visitors assemble around the ellipsoid service surface and receive as gustatory calyculi the information provided by the chef. The cavity hosts a variety of experiences: the viewing of food preparation, the interaction of visitors with the chef or cook and eating neither inside nor outside. The border between interior and exterior space is defined by the ellipsoid plan of the structure. The experience of eating however, takes place somewhere in between. The cavity is defined by its structural form but exists only due to the presence of its surrounding. The climate of the shell’s interior is identical with the environment’s, but the roofing of the structure offers the appropriate rain protection.

The structure consists of light elements that form three distinct layers:

  1. The husk formed by metal ellipsoid beams and semitransparent surfaces is the fundamental structure that offers rain protection and shade. The beams can slide and rotate simultaneously, so that the interior space becomes impermeable when not in use.
  2. The spaceframe. Light cylindrical metal elements form a mesh that works as a surface for climbing plants or a base for extra artificial sunshades.
  3. The outer shell interacts with its environment and adapts to it. Depending on location, climate and time, the outer shell is suitable for supporting green growth.

DATE: 2019

SIZE: 30 m2

STATUS: Concept