House in Northern Euboea


At the island of Euboea, outside the village of Vlachia, the modern rural house of 36 square meters lays on an inclined hill with a north-east orientation and a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea. The owners asked from the proposal to offer the maximum view in the interior spaces, to occupy as limited ground space as possible, to be harmoniously integrated with the landscape, to be accompanied by vast exterior spaces and to be able to be expanded in the case of additional future needs. All the above, combined with a strictly limited budget, determined the design and the development of the concept.

Placing the building at the highest point of the hill, 2 meters lower than the road level, offers the best view, an easier access from the road and the future possibility of extending the residence towards the lower levels of the hill with the least constraints possible. The linear organization of the floor plan along with the road, combined with its slightly wedged shape, led to the development of the residence in one level, which significantly reduces the construction costs, protects it from the north and creates an elongated façade “open” to the sea view while turning the building’s back towards the road.

The proposal fits to its surroundings morphologically, with the building sprouting from the earth taking advantage of the inclinations and elevations of the ground, and visually, using local stone veneer on the solid vertical surfaces of the main building and its outdoor spaces, up to the height of the lintels. On the upper level and along the perimeter of the building, dominates a “coronation” of dark gray plaster.

The interior is organized on two levels with a height difference of 80 cm, which helps separate the living room from the area where the kitchen, the bathroom and the storage are located. Due to this height difference, the last two spaces are placed inside a “wooden” cube, encapsulated in the main building volume, creating a small loft which can be used as bedroom with a direct visual connection to the rest of the house interior and the view.

DATE: 2016

STATUS: Proposal

LOCATION: Vlachia, Euboea