Room 18 – Declination Hotel


The present proposal for a bedroom in a modern 4-star hotel is based on the reinterpretation and transformation of a typical floor plan in which space is experienced as a cube distributed among apartments. The design avoids parallelism both in floor plan and elevation. The room is designed as an imaginable funnel which takes the visitor from the entrance to the main area of sleeping and recreation. The wedge-shaped floor plan offers the possibility of a gradual enlargement of room space and a contrived revelation of its interior to the modern traveler. At the same time the composition and organization of the units create live semi-open cavities where elements of green, water and human activities dominate.

Τhe floor plan is prismatic and organized in zones: the entrance zone, the bathroom zone, the sleep zone, the recreation zone and finally the outdoor zone. Two parallel luminous strips, the first literally on the roof and the second metaphorically on the floor, are pointing the side exit from the bedroom towards an outdoor covered space for recreation.

While entering the room, the visitor first comes across the bathroom zone. The bathroom, a primarily private and closed room, is the area that here is characterized by semi-privacy and translucency. The permeability of the glass is the only feature that visually sets the boundaries between the renters of relative hotel rooms and the visitors passing by the public hotel corridor. Here the visual interaction of the hotel occupants is implied. In a hypothetical state of full transparency, a visitor standing in the shower would have been both the spectator and the spectacle in a sequence without beginning or end. The game with the views is repeated inside the room, with the bathroom mirror being used as a sliding screen that can isolate the space.

After the bathroom zone, the visitor enters the main bedroom area. Here the linear wooden elements – linear grains of wood – on the walls and roof, make a reference to branches & tree trunks that converge and diverge. The natural materials of marble and wood, used on the floor and furniture, bring the visitor closer to nature and make both the recreation experience and the pause from urban everyday life more intense.

The last zone, which is defined by vertical openings on the facing sidewalls of the room, leads to the large glass “screen”-passage to the exterior view. Here the design eliminates any full-vacuum alternations, or distraction of the visual stimulus. The big French door -“screen”, which covers the vast majority of the façade, directs the eye without distraction on the framed view. In this zone, the uses of a living room, workspace and storage and the necessary items for a hotel room such as a small fridge, TV and luggage space are organized in few square feet, offering the utmost ergonomics to the user.

DATE: 2016

SIZE: 24 m2

STATUS: Competition