SIX d.o.g.s. is located in a 20th century building on Avramiotou street, Athens. The project engages two other functional spaces which pre-existed in the building: an all-day outdoor café-bar and a musical stage.

The central concept was the design of an all-day café-restaurant which seamlessly blends in with the outdoor space creating a spatial continuation from the inside-out. The new space needed to have an urban character which is in full harmony with the aesthetics and building history.

Materials such as marble, mosaic flooring, cement, wood, tabac leather, metal and enameled tiles were used for the space. Further, the chosen color palette includes warm tones of grey, mint, black and earth tones. A lot of the materials have been used in their natural color and texture.

An important part of the space’s identity is the illuminated facade of the bar, the illuminated ceiling grid that works as a unique matrix for the lighting of the space, as well as, the custom light fixtures on the floors and walls.

DATE: 2019

SIZE: 340 m2

STATUS: Completed


CLIENT: six d.o.g.s