Veterinary Clinic in Aigaleo


A property that was previously hosting a clothing store facing a shopping street in the central market of Aigaleo is transformed into a veterinary clinic. The project dealt with the complete renovation of the property and simultaneously the rearrangement of interior spaces, in order to meet the specific needs of the vet, but also to ensure appropriate accessibility and form a waiting area for owners and accompanied pets.

The façade of the clinic was designed with austere lines, while focusing on the visual contrast of natural wood, painted black elements and the illuminated interior view. The constructed frame works as a “projection panel” of interior waiting areas and the examination room create a spectacle of simultaneous coexistence of different but strongly interconnected programs.

As far as the interior design is concerned, cement stucco is applied to selected vertical surfaces that constitute backgrounds both in the waiting area and the examination room, and are highlighted with hidden led illumination. A cement based off-white flooring material of industrial type that covers all important spaces of the clinic, contributes to a seamless visual result and the maintenance of hygiene levels to the highest standards. Graphic design applications with vivid colors and contemporary pieces of art that communicate the relationship between humans and animals and depict pets in general, complement the interior composition and evoke happy feelings to the vet and visitors.

Photos: Giannis Mporompokas

DATE: 2015

SIZE: 65 m2

STATUS: Completed

LOCATION: Aigaleo, Athens