Souvlakotechneio Grill House Halandri

Halandri, Athens


Size/ 180 m2
Type/ Proposal for restaurant
Status/ Completed
Year/ 2016
Photos/ Mutineers

"Souvlakotechneio" grill house is located on Herakeiou Street, one of Halandri's most well-known and central pedestrian streets. It is the third branch of this chain of restaurants in the area of Attica, but the first one that attempts to promote not only its quality cuisine but also the new aesthetics of where it is housed.

The lounge is conceivably divided into two main spaces that even though designed differently, they still maintain the identity of the restaurant. The first part of the restaurant is in direct contact with the pedestrian street in the exterior and the “open” kitchen in the interior. It includes normal tables and chairs as well as high stands, all surrounded by materials, patterns and finishes of premium industrial aesthetics that maintain the colors of the chain’s corporate identity. Wooden coatings, cement patterns, black details of metal, vintage lighting fixtures and a series of graphic and aesthetic interventions, contribute to the final aesthetic result and define the general concept followed in all the other spaces of the restaurant.

The second part is located in the background, under a sliding foldable glass ceiling that offers vertical natural lighting and ventilation to the room, despite its long distance from the front of the store. Due to the two–storey height of the space and the glass roof, it differs in terms of design concept. The rear space was treated as an indoor enclosed garden. This peculiar garden follows the style of the store and is organized around an imposing 3.5-meter-tall olive tree, which was planted in the center. White brick, black metallic mesh, climbing plants and vintage garlands complement the concept.

The materials, lighting, colors and shapes of the interior design are also applied to the two-storey façade of the store. Its bottom section opens completely connecting visually and functionally the pedestrian street with the interior of the store.