Semidetached house in Filothei

Filothei, Athens


Size/ 75 m2
Type/ Semidetached house renovation
Status/ Completed
Year/ 2015
Photos/ Mutineers

The total renovation of the apartment was based on a new arrangement and layout for the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom of the ground floor. As the property was planned to be inhabited by a young couple, we aimed at the creation of a bright space with contemporary materials, where the white color and wood are the dominant elements. There is a variation in wood applications for the current project: oak planks were used for flooring in most of the spaces, wooden decorative beams were enjoined below the ceiling and the kitchen’s bench was made of a treated wood material. The fireplace maintained its position and was framed by gypsum shelves: the use of hidden light below the shelves and the application of a cement-color style on the surface of the fireplace and the back wall, intensify the one side of the open space and create an atmospheric background. On the other side, the U-shaped kitchen has glossy white vertical surfaces, the kitchen bench converses with the rest of the wooden elements of the space and finally the blackboard functions as an interactive element, as a surface that captures everyday life.

A custom made bed with additional bedsides was placed in the bedroom along the width of the space and the background wall was covered with distinct white bricks. Cement based stucco covers the walls and the bench of the bathroom and creates a deliberate visual contradiction with characteristic glossy white sanitary products and systems. Finally, decorative elements and lighting fixtures were used in order to add a touch of color in an otherwise minimal environment.