The design of Ikt Marmaron new headquarters was inspired by the company’s philosophy, which stems from the material’s timelessness, nature and application in contemporary construction. Innovative methods of material processing allow a new approach towards marble, which can transcend conventional lines and predefined limits.

A surface covering 85 m2 is divided into a central space including a waiting area and a meeting room of 35 m2, two individual offices of 20 m2 each and auxiliary spaces of 10 m2.

The space is dominated by movement and dynamism. A white stripe moves along vertical surfaces, delimits the cladding made of oak laths and frames the openings plus the functional components of the interior. Marble coexists with wood, metal and glass, and emerges sculpturally and geometrically.

The central element of the meeting area constitutes the realization of the idea that marble has multiple applications and uses. A surface of Greek Nestos marble runs through space and transforms into a presentation surface, a meeting table, a floor and finally a coffee table with a circular pot. The design of the multi-functional surface refers to flow and movement and was based on the concept of reshaping a rigid marble volume so that it forms a new airy element.

Curved lines give shape to the ceilings and converse with the dynamic course of the white stripe. The design of the ceilings aims to provoke a feeling that defies gravity through geometry and artificial lighting. The offices have transparent facades towards the meeting area and views to Kifisias Avenue. The background wall of each office has a black and white theme which focuses on statue details and the human scale, such as the torso of Michelangelo’s David which expresses the highest form of marble processing. The concept is based on the conversation of past, present and future, the contemporary approach of marble is inspired by past’s vanguard.

Photos: Phaos Productions

DATE: 2019

SIZE: 85 m2

STATUS: Completed

LOCATION: Maroussi